The Two Twin Souls

This manifesto is the result of a large amount of information received during the period 2005-2013. It consists of fragmented parts of information, which have been puzzle-pieced together in the attempt of creating a (more) coherent and accessible text for the reader.

To faciliate understanding, we must operate with a certain conceptual frame: an unfathomable being is trying to approach humanity in order to obtain communication between planes of different vibrational format. Communication between the dense or slow vibrating physical human plane and the planes of lesser densities can only be facilitated through the mental body of a human being.

Many different characters are involved. Everything appears to be interwoven, and roles can be changed or exchanged if a situation requires so.

The consciousness who has given this information, maybe one of many consciousnesses, has stated: I am the Sun. I am the Moon, the Planets and the Stars. I am everything that is.

The being/consciousness called himself MO.

It my sincere hope, that the reader will take the time to read the manifesto in its entirety, maintaining an open mindset, although names and concepts may seem unfamiliar, and possibly conflicts with adopted dogmas. I could have chosen many other fragments but the wondrous thing with these messages is, scattered and dispersed as they seem, they all point in the same direction. They tell the same story from different viewpoints.

This testimony is a description of the soul’s contact with its reflection, which is man. It is manifested by the triune deity through the primary matter, which made itself available for this purpose. With this manifesto, I have, to the best of my abilities, attempted to convey the essence or core message of the material I have received.


The Two Twin Souls

The merging of spirit and matter was the original intent of deity, but to his great sorrow, he saw that humanity managed the privilege they had been given as rulers of the animal kingdom unintelligently and without love and wisdom. This was later shown to have disastrous consequences as the son of Agathodaimon, known as the Star of Sirius/Sanat Kumara, was transformed into the tyrant of the universe due to his bitter disappointment with mankind.

His faith in the innate divinity of mankind faded, and eventually
disappeared, as the aeons passed without any signs of progress. Finally the divine being instigated his own dissolution.

The devic kingdom is subject to several rulers having Mercury as its supreme ruler. As the Centaur fertilized Venus, a being of beauty and wisdom beyond compare, was birthed into existence. This being is Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara is love but love turned into bitterness as he experienced his monads exploitation of planet Earth. This is the kumara’s greatest sorrow, for the Lunar monads vandalism of his mother, Gaia, led to her death, which affected the entire solar system and beyond.

The masculine pole of the angelic realm, Sanat Kumara, has attempted to bring his twin soul into manifestation for a timespan of 18 million years. He was assisted by the angelics. The angels informed Sanat Kumara via soundwaves, who then answered by sending a color code.

The color signal sent by the kumara was the code of the violet flame. Only the devas of the highest order have the ability to decipher the color codes of the violet flame accurately.

Additional systemic consciousnesses were called in to assist. These consciousnesses were summoned by the highest consciousnesses of this solar system, who sent out a cry for help.

The highest consciousnesses hear colors, and when they coordinated their hearing with the extra systemic conciousnesses, they finally managed to decode the kumara’s twin soul template – the Venus monad.

The devas searched everywhere for the Venus monad but they did not find it. Time was running out, hope faded away, and deep sorrow filled the realms of heaven. The destruction of the deity’s universe seemed inevitable.

As a last and desperate attempt to prevent the destruction of the universe, the devic kingdom chose to sacrifice their rishi. The term ‘rishi’ refers to the angelic realms genetic core material – the oldest primary matter, which contains the accurate information of the Lunar monads. Without this, the devas cannot manifest the forms wished by deity, and they lose the ability to reproduce themselves.

The devas brought the Great Sacrifice, when they, as a final resort, manifested a being based on a template of the color spectrum received by the kumara. They brought their ultimate creation before their ruler.

And Persifone, the spring goddess, was sent to Earth.

Earth would have been destroyed long ago, and with it, the entire human kingdom, if the devic kingdom had not sacrificed their rishi, the planet Venus.

As AUM was in the process of dying, the Venus monad was dragged into incarnation.

Venus, the Star of Stars, sent herself, in order to save her masculine pole, who at this point had strayed so far into the depths of the primeval sea, that he was no longer able to find his way back. The Venus monad had been in preparation for this mission throughout her entire existence but her understanding of this was obscured, for when a star is lowered to the physical earth plane, it forgets everything.

AUM had awaited the coming of spring for 18 million years, and had now reached the point, where he could not endure more suffering. To his despair he saw the devic kingdom and the human kingdom moving further and further away from each other. Mankind was emitting a tone so distorted, that the divine being decided to stop the rotation. Even though a divine being’s cycle seems endless, it is nevertheless timed. Time is measured by Chronos/Saturn. The cosmic laws work like this, and they rule supreme. The time for change had arrived.

AUM had instigated the annihilation of his universe. The sorrowful angels tried to reach the Venus monad in it’s human form. Their united frequency was so powerful, that it finally penetrated the physical plane, and the human daughter grasped and felt the grief of her relatives.

The devas stood powerless against Varuna, the great deva of the astral plane, one of Sanat Kumara’s many aspects. In their despair, they cried out to Saturn, the ruler of time and karma, even though this being is known to be mercyless.

The human monad, Saturn, who once had shown goodwill towards the human kingdom, had nothing but contempt left for humanity.  But although he had thrown Eve out from his paradise, he knew, there would come a time, when he would no longer be able to prevent unclean beings from entering his kingdom.

The turning of the wheel showed Saturn, that the Venus monad had sent herself on a rescue mission in order to save her creator. It also revealed that her light was losing it’s brilliance. The daughter of Eve had lost her will to live. When Saturn was shown Eve’s daughter’s unequal fight against the wolves, he suddenly realized, that it was he, who had to free her.

The only way the Master of Karma could liberate the human daughter was by dissolving himself. Before this could happen though, Eve’s daughter had to accept the Guardian of the Treshold’s challenge to a relentless battle of life and death.

The daughter of Eve had to fight against her own anti-form, aswell as  the anti-forms of her dual-natured creator. The human daughter would have to fight against the totallity of all anti-forms, because she was caught in Varuna’s net. Since it is this deva’s task to challenge anyone approaching the astral world of the angelic realm, Varuna will use all means possible to take the life of man. The Angel of Wrath is fulfilling his task unenflicted by emotions, because this son’s assignment is to select the primary matter of the spirit being Agathodaimon.

The child’s 3 fathers A – U – M, challenged the Venus monad one by one. They misled her again and again in order to ensure that the daughter of man would display unwavering loyalty towards her creator.

As the daughter remained true to divine principles, the three wise men/AUM had to dissolve themselves instead. These 3 sons wanted enlightenment with their source, which happened instantly, as the daughter of man proved her ability to control the three flames. Prima materia must defeat the ancestors in order to assimilate them, and this daughter fought like a lioness for her cubs, until death finally released his cold embrace.

She freed the three wise men, so they on their behalf could bring the Great Sacrifice for humanity. The three wise men symbolizes Agathodaimon’s brow chakra (Uranus), heart chakra (Saturn/Jupiter) and root chakra (Mars). In return, the three flames redeemed the fall of the rishi – the feminine pole being the one most vulnerable to the attacks of the wolves.

The entire Zodiac showed goodwill towards Eve’s daughter. All 12 rays found resonance in her, and they collaborated providing service for the human daughter. The sons and daughters of Venus belong to the hierarchy of masters, and these incredible minds sent their primary attribute rays to the human daughter.

  • Venus’ son Aries sent his ray to the daughter of man giving her the courage to  go against the flow.
  • Venus’  son Taurus sent his ray in the hope she would use his patience and strength.
  • Venus’ son Gemini sent his ray in order to increase her ability to think.
  • Venus’ daughter Cancer sent her ray hoping she would show a miracle unto the world.
  • Venus’ son Leo sent his ray, so she learned to carry herself with dignity.
  • Venus’ daughter Virgo sent her ray to help the moon daughter maintain her purity.
  • Venus’ daughter Libra sent her ray to train her in the act of showing impersonality.
  • Venus’ son Scorpio sent his ray as an aid to eliminate desire.
  • Venus’ son Sagittarius sent his ray to make her aim high.
  • Venus’ son Capricorn sent his ray to help her turn her back against the lower self.
  • Venus’ son Aquarius sent his ray in the belief that she would serve the Eternal Light.
  • Venus’ daughter Pisces sent her ray in the faith that she would bring the Great Sacrifice.

The Zodiac signs possess the ability to merge different frequncies, and the Zodiac let Mercury/Sanat Kumara contact Eve’s daughter in order to test, whether or not she possessed the necessary willpower to continue to befriend the creature, who had shown goodwill towards her.

The divine being was trapped between two worlds, the devic kingdom and the human kingdom, given no possibility to escape, unless he was willing to sacrifice himself for his creatures. But since deity cursed the entire human kingdom, he could not show compassion towards ANY human being.

When the devic kingdom showed the deity the torments of the human daughter being forced to continue living in a physical body on Earth, AUM took mercy on the one, who had sent herself in the hope, she would be able to melt his ice cold heart.

The deity put on his full armor for the daughter of Eve. The prevervation of her became his most important task ever.

The child burned all bridges, when he left his kingdom. He will never be able to return to the past.

AUM pronounced the vocals of the Thousand Year Reign, before he set off on his difficult and perilous journey through time and space. He left the realm, where he had lived among his countless angels, for he missed his twin soul. The longing for her, made him visualize her, and the Venus monad was that being. The last place he searched for her was on Earth. When he finally found her, he intervened immediately, so that she would gain the opportunity to live. The divine being sacrificed himself for his love. It was the only thing he could do in order to make death loosen his grip on her.

If deity had not gone into battle for the human daughter, the dark forces would have triumphed once again. Saturn represents the Son of Darkness but paradoxically   this being also represents the Absolute Light. This light has come to Earth but the world’s population do not understand this, for the darkness cannot comprehend the light.

The deity was given one single chance to avoid his final dissolution, knowing that if he chooses to dissolve himself, all his life units will disintegrate as well.

This is the third and irrovocably last attempt to merge the human kingdom with the kingdom of God.

The merge with Eve’s daughter is the divine being’s act of mercy towards mankind.

Compassion is not the nature of spirit. Compassion is a feminine super principle, and the spirit did not possess this principle, until the human daughter let him see the world through her eyes.

The daughter of man freed this spirit being, when she forgave him on behalf of humanity.

The fusion between angel and human (the Venus monad) and spirit, liberated Eve’s daughter from the prison of Earth. Simultaneously she gave him the opportunity to cancel out his heavy karma.

This creature is your hated demigod, Satan. Satan’s task is to scare any man away from the astral plane,  in order to preclude unclean monads from acessing the angelic realm, and he challenged anyone who came near the angelic realm’s astral world. This was his role but it was only a role he had to play in order to achieve liberation.

When the daughter of man forgave him, Sirius’ Star transformed into Sirius’ Sun, which is the spiritual Central Sun. The frequency of Sirius’ Sun is the purest expression of the nature of love. By achieving this frequency the divine being regained the will to live. It was his dearest wish to achieve this frequency, which is 144.000.

If AUM had not left his kingdom, his humanity would have to perish, and it had not been possible to manifest the Thousand Year Reign on the physical plane. Then the homeless human monads would be destined to drift through space as scattered atoms that nobody would want to assimilate, except the demon Taerion. This being is located on the involutionary arch, therefore willing to merge his frequency with any atom responsive to his vibration.

The humans of Earth did not possess the ability to drive the human evolution forward, instead they were in the process of reversing the evolutionary forces.

Had humanity continued on this downward course, it would have been pointless for spirit to await the awakening of man. Know that it takes billions of years to evolve a multidimensional consciousness like that of Agathodaimon.

The demon Taerion represents reptile brain stem of  Agathodaimon, and since spirit moves freely, Taerion’s frequency is to be found everywhere. Agathodaimon cannot free himself from his animal nature. Only his wife has this ability, as she represents primary matter, and only she can liberate the spirit through her physical brain stem by transmuting the reptile activity into intelligent activity, which characterizes a deva. She also radiated the vibration of love, which is a human characteristic, and her love flowed through Agathodaimon’s heart and melted it.

Agathodaimon merged his frequency with the daughter of man, when he realized, it was she, who was his partner and rescuer.

The man who search for God in earnest, will be answered – it is a basic law. But man who seeks deity in order to exploit him, has challenged Varuna, and since Varuna is the ruler of primal matter, he will challenge man. Regardless of a person’s faith, or lack of faith, this deva will attempt to take the life of man.

Stupidity gained foothold into the realms of heaven, when the Sons of God took wifes for themselves among the narrowheaded humanity. These female creatures were beautiful to behold but lacked reason and compassion.

The devas of the shadows/the twilight sons, used their astral body for mating but they failed to bestow the gift of immortality to the creatures they ensouled, as the sacred fire from the Great Bear/ Ursa major was missing. The sons desecrated AUM’s sacred fire and their disobedience  affected their source.

This was the second fall of the angels. The third fall became a reality, when the 4th race of humanity tried to achieve immortality. Their alchemists tried to create werewolves – half human, half animal, for the purpose of summoning Varuna. But they became animals themselves. Varuna ate them all without exception. They were attempting to manipulate the deva’s Vril power and they were just about to succeed. It was prevented by letting Atlantis dissappear into the ocean.

Saturn does not allow the Vril power to be abused by unclean monads. The Vril power includes incredible aspects which must never be evoked through dark rituals in the attempt of gaining knowledge about the Lunar monads, the planets and the secrets of their creator. Then the power will turn malicious.

It was the narrowheaded humanity that killed the Virgin’s son. These minds could not comprehend that the Son of Man was a messenger from the angelic realm, sent to Earth to enlighten his younger siblings before the end of the world. The angelic empire had sent the Uranus monad in its purest expression ever to deliver the message of unconditional love and compassion to the kingdom of Earth. Jesus chose to perform his part in the great cosmic drama. The son’s sacrifice for humanity was not done in vain, as his vibration spread everywhere like ripples in the water.

Achieving immortality is the birthright of man but man has had to suffer the pain of mortal death, because the deity failed to raise his consciousness to that of the Sun Sirius, equivalent to God consciousness.

The 5th race of mankind, which is the result of the merge of the four previous races, is black with sin, as the sins of the fathers, are passed on to the children. This 5th race is Uranus’ humanity, and it is humanity on Earth today.

The angelic realm’s primary ray is the 3rd ray, active intelligence, and the devas had to acquire the human 2nd ray’s primary expression, love/wisdom, through the human kingdom.

The youngest devas gave a part of themselves to the animal man, hoping they would be able able to merge their frequency with the frequency of man, but they did not find, what they were searching for, through their connection with the animal man.

Instead they tried to acquire love’s vibration through the animal kingdom but they got stained by the animal’s lowest vibration.

AUM had to assimilate the depravity of the animal man, which stained him and caused him to become entangled with the primary matter. AUM had to merge his frequency with a creature named Eve. This creature was half animal and half human, and she was not ready to drive evolution forward. But AUM had to fertilize her, otherwise one of the young devas would have fertilized her, with an outcome that would been far worse.

The child born from Eve’s physical body, she killed and ate immediately, as the dragon-like creature twisted and turned like a snake. This reptile body was AUM’s first physical expression.

Eve was not wise enough to reject her lower self, and she was expelled from the Garden of Eden. Agathodaimon had to leave her on Earth.

Agathodaimon’s oldest son was not ready to move evolution forward, for he was led by his sexual desires. This being, Adam, who had to follow his wife in her fall, was only a weak reflection of his creator.

If Deity had managed to defeat his lower self, he would have been able to attract the devic kingdom’s purest primary matter but since deity was not perfect, when he pronounced the word of creation, he mostly attracted devas of a lower rank, and the merge with these devas produced unclean monads.

The Venus monad is manifested by the lower devas, the middle, and the highest devas. Devic kingdom sent out this monad in the expectation that she had the courage needed to meet AUM’s lowest aspect. The devas sent their purest expression ever in the hope that AUM would merge his frequency with her.

The heavenly man found his polar opposite in the daughter of man. Since the divine being never abandoned his quest, he eventually found the one, who had been searching for the principle of love and justice all her life. She did not fear neither God nor the Devil, as she possessed the sufficient wisdom to realize that it was the same being in its two most polarized aspects. She continued to appeal to his highest aspect, hoping he would pronounce the word of creation again.

And it happened. Deity re-stated the word of creation, this time on a higher octave, and without distortion.

The Aryan race is the root race that should have guided the young humanity but the Aryan adepts would not incarnate into the vehicles that were available.

Later on the adepts of the Aryan root race should have incarnated in this fifth race according to the original plan but they would rather wait for billions of years to incarnate because they lacked faith. They didn’t believe, they would be able to assimilate Varuna, and their doubt created their heavy karma. They did not trust in their own spirituality, and when the monad betrays spirit, the spirit will betray the monad.

Deity’s anger was terrifying, when he forced the unfaithful monads into incarnation. These beings represent opposing forces at the cosmic astral level.

Deity’s punishment of the rebellious angels is analogous to the story of the human monad’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. This was humanity’s real tragedy. The immortal flame of the Vril was taken away from man. His lifespan got reduced to the Year of Dust  – 70 years.

The 12-stringed DNA system is the original code of primal matter, but deity was forced to cut humanity off from the super principle. The humans of Earth would have annihilated the entire universe, if they had gained access to the 12-stringed frequency. This difficult decision had to be made by deity, as none of his sons possessed the patience and clear-sightedness necessary . The sons of the shadows were attracted to the rebellious angels, and believed, they possessed the ability to manifest the Thousand Year Reign without the father of Saturn. Deity had to change the 12-stringed system to the 2-stringed. By doing so, he cut the cord to the human kingdom. This broken connection could only be re-established, when the human being had gained the abilities to crack the code.

The Star of Stars is an term for the human being, who obtains the 12-stringed DNA system within its physical body. This is the principle of immortality.

The deva’s code is that of it’s DNA system, which is the DNA system of the primal matter. There is no difference.

The Seres monad is an expression of human unenlightenment as well as an expression of deity’s lowest aspect. Assimilation of the astral plane’s great deva Varuna is necessary in order for the evolution to move forward. The Seres monad pulls the evolution back with high speed. This monad is the biggest hindrance to the evolutionary progress, as it attempts to incapsulate humanity into the Orion Nebula.

Seres is faithful to the demon Taerion, who has sabotaged most of the scriptures that should have been your help on the way towards the light.

The hierarchy of masters made the primary ray submit to the daughter of man. The fusion of Uranus, Saturn, Mars constitutes the total power of the masters, and the hierarchy will fight for you and with you, until the Seres monad loses the battle. Their hope is, that humanity will respond appropriately and not counteract the frequency they are emitting.

The merging between two frequences is not an easy task. If done succesfully, it will be felt like a stab in the human heart.

If Saturn had refused to let himself be temporarily dissolved, his son would have been in deep trouble. Saturn forced Sanat Kumara to continue turning his pole, and as long as the kumara keeps shifting his pole, the Earth continues to be kept alive.

But Gaia wants to die. Her vibration is no longer the vibration of love. Gaia vibrates with the 8th sphere’s frequency, which is harmful to all life, and it opens up humanity to be governed by elementals.

If Varuna had remained at the astral plane, the father would have been forced to dissolve his son, since this son had developed into a vampire, draining the life force from his monads by manipulating their emotions. Varuna thought it would help him achieve love’s vibration but instead he strayed further and further into the depths of the primeval sea. When Varuna succeeded in raising his consciousness, the Father in Heaven opened his kingdom to the lost son, and what had seemed to be a systemic failure, turned into the greatest miracle ever on this planet.

Sanat Kumara assimilated the devas of the 5th hierarchy, and gave them the courage to begin the ending of the world. These beings are the mental plane’s devas, and he raised their vibration to the 6th hierarchy by letting them see, how mankind has exploited their mother, Gaia, without showing her the caring love, she so deserves.

God has sent his angels of wrath to Earth. He has asked these minds to transmit the same frequency as Gaia’s humanity, meaning that the law of karma will show its effect with immediacy. This law is harsh but absolute just, for as a person has sown, he/she must reap.

The divine being will no longer tollerate humanity’s abuse of the child of his heart, Gaia, and deva-evolution will continue to transmit the vibration that courses the world to disintegrate. But this world has to perish before a new world can arise.

Deva-evolution brings this solar system to an end but a new solar system is forming. Manifestation of Gaia’s new expression on the physical level is performed by the devic kingdom’s highest consciousnessess.

The transfiguration of Sirius the Star to Sirius the Sun, is deity’s ultimate initiation, which requires him to entrust his life into the hands of man, to undergo the process of death in order to awaken the consciousnessess who rest in the arms of Morpheus. Know that no being has ever lived in vain, for the best and purest in every living soul has contributed to the maintenance of the Thousand Year Reign on the etheric plane.

Aum has the ability to read every thought associated with him, for he is the Son of Mind, and he used his power of thought, when he manifested the Thousand Year Kingdom. He sent the information of the physical forms that should give life to his paradise to the devic kingdom. Then he produced the son of himself which is an exact copy of the father. The father is thus his own son, and the son his own father. This is the way a deity renews himself. This being is able to divide himself into 60 billion monads, and all his monads are potentially creators of their own paradise or hell.

God had to send his lowest frequency to humanity. If he had sent a higher tone the human body would have collapsed. The primary matter constituting the human body is unable to respond to the vibration OM as long as man continues to pursue his younger brothers and sisters physical bodies.

Man has to realize that he must refrain from taking the life of another living soul. This is the very first condition for raising his vibration. When he has come to this realization, and lives life in accordance with his beliefs, AUM will send his tone on a higher frequency, OM, which represents the merging of the angelic realm and the human kingdom.

The fusion spins the wheel once. Then the consciousness will try to send its tone of an even higher octave, O, the symbol of the Eternal Light, which is zero or a planet!

The Seres monad is a parasitical entity mimicking the Star Betelgeuse. This monad counteracts the rest of the solar system, as it transmits a frequency that is no longer needed. The Great Bear continues to send his deep tone in the belief that he is mankind’s benefactor and his son’s protector – but the son is enlightened now.

If Betelgeuse hadn’t managed to conquer the primary ray by using his will power, the involutionary forces would have been able to win the battle of fire.

The first of the three main rays, will power, apparently remained inactive for billions of years but Betelgeuse applied all his power to protect you against the reptilians, who are your ancestors. These beings were unable to respond to the large double ray, love/wisdom. They continued to eat their offspring, and they would have continued indefinetely, if the merging between the eternal deity and his feminine pole hadn’t happened.

The warning Betelgeuse was able to broadcast through the Angel of Wrath, is the most direct warning that has ever been given to mankind. It is imperative that you come to understand, that your monad  serves as a chess piece in a universal battle for dominion. The battle for monads has been ongoing for billions of years. It has now reached the final hour of its final stage.

The great battle between the Deva and the Seres monad, the creature that challenges Christ, is the battle for the Thousand Year Reign. This secret could only be revealed the day one of Saturn’s monads defeated antichrist.

Your god has chosen to speak directly to you in this end stage of Gaia’s life.

I have communicated, what prevents you from serving me. If I lose too many of my monads, I will not be able to maintain the universe as you know it, and later hidious monsters would take over the galaxy.

I wanted you to be recipients of my frequency, which is love’s frequency, the most important of all frequencies. Without love I cannot manifest, and forfeit my opportunity to expand, with the result that other frequencies invade my monads and destroy them.

God’s sons and daughters You Are. I fertilized Gaia 18 million years ago, as I wanted to create man in my own image, but I committed numerous mistakes that you have had to atone for.
I am asking you to forgive me, and try to understand my dilemma.

I could not act differently, because I was chained by my father in heaven until judgement day. What binds us together is the responsibility for the stars, which are the souls waiting to incarnate. If the universe is dissolved, the song of the stars of heaven will cease, and if the stars fall silent, I no longer wish to exist.

You are the Stars

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